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Price List

We can discuss about your needs and suggest the best cost-benefit solution.

Although we do know that the cost of developing and creating a web solution,sometimes makes people being afraid,we believe that each solution is as unique as you are.

By discussing about the project you want to bring into life we'll provide you the correct solution without unecessary  functions that your bussines will not need.

Indicative Prices for:

SEO Strategy Development

Our servises starts from 300€ according to the targets you want to achive.

Design and Development

Our services starts from 200€ for a static website.

For dynamic sites with the usage of a CMS platform, services starts from 400€.

Dynamic sites from scratch,services starts from 950€.

E-shops and E-commerce

Our services starts from 1100€ with the usage of an e-commerce platform.

E-shops from scratch,services starts from 1500€.